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M.Elizabeth's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
auf weidersehen, darling.

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[Wednesday December 20, 2006]
oh ya, and one more thing

because it's christmas..
and it's good to tell the truth, etc etc..

3circledsun: you never update your LJ. do not add me
8819916281993: uh
__comawhite__: you havn't updated your lJ in so long I dont even remember who the fuck you are. don't add me. __x0jackielynn_: don't add me.
_jerseylove: you're from a rating community like 3 years ago. don't add me.
allcrazyd: who the hell are you??? don't add me.
bacardiwhore: uh... we don't have anything in common. don't add me.
darkestwish: you're a sens fan, don't add me. HAHA... JK LOVE YOU M.
enigmaticentity: uh, don't know who you are.. don't add me
eriiiin: you're cool, you can add me. haha..
fabulousness: don't add me.
goleafsgo: my first girl leaf fan friend EVER? you need to add me.
grace7734: I love you but you never update your lj. update your fucking LJ, stop being too cool.
handsoff_ho: I stalk you on myspace. haha. yeah... don't add me.
its_mursha: I can't remember who you are, but you can add me if you want
jackie_gee__: don't add me
jamaicanjungle: I dont remember who you are, but your username is cool... so you can add me hahah jerichoholic419: you switched journals!
leaffan: add me or i'll cry myself to sleep.
leeleelo: aww.. we NEVER talk... like ever. but i'll be sad if you dont add me :(
luvnjojo63: add me! do you even update anymore?
marty_stach: add me...
mocha__: eriiiin.
msgiselle: who the fuck are you? don't add me.
nomore_noless: add!!
nunners: add me, but don't talk foolishness in my journal. we need to go skating.
omg1337kkthx: add me
orangicle: as if you even remember what livejournal is
ptc555: I love you, you're hilarious and post lots of leaf pics... but sometimes I can't deal with your 27849273 ridiculously long seizure inducing entries on the friends page... :/
shizzolator: you've made one entry since '05, lol. which really sucks cause you were cool liked markov. if you're reading this, add me.
strata: we have nothing in common, don't add me
stupidname16: you're cool. add me.. if you want
tara84: duhhh
the_lepotec: lol gregor
theawoken: hanan's old one I think?
timmins_hockey: same as stupid name right?
tina888: dont add me, I dont like you.
tootziepop09: you suck. don't add me
tubbz: hmmm..I dont know
wee_wee6: you've used LJ like, once terri-lynn.
xmisseveryscar: aw you disappeared off the face of LJ.
your_blondness: don't add me.

does anyone have a spare life I could have? [Wednesday November 15, 2006]
why do I feel like there hasn't been a leaf game in like a month??
why is hockey all I EVER talk about in life???
I'm ACTUALLY a freak. and i'm not just talking about hockey. i'm a freak in so many ways... it's ridiculous
I can't handle this! seriously why hasn't there been a game in so long? hockey players (or anyone making over a million dollars annually for that matter) SHOULD NOT get days off

and why are they talking about pat quinn being the next sens coach on sportsnet??
why lol did bryan just call ian "whitey"?
how great would it be if someone in the NBA's last name was black and his teammates called him "blackie"
actually that doesn't sound too weird?

there is nothing going on in my life. my journal used to be plastered with hoards of info on a daily basis. I WAS a hoarder. now.. I got nothing. i'm pathetic.

or maybe I just don't like talking about my personal life to a journal anymore? maybe it finally got old? hahaa... oh man.

WTF @ alex ovechkin firing don meehan (who I know is cujo's agent, along with what it seems like every other NHL player living) and hiring his MOM

stop. talking. NOW. nhl. hockey. about.

[Sunday October 22, 2006]
ok so we didn't win the game but that's okay because jeff scored a sweet ass goal with what, like 3 mins left? or something.. and it was TOTALLY all I really wanted out of this game. I kinda knew we probably wouldn't win against the rangers. I AM quite shocked and proud of andy though, for stopping jagr on the shootout! way to go booger face!

and now, FINALLY the time has come.. (seriously, I feel like i've been waiting for fucking EVER even though its only been less than a month) it's the oilers and wings in about 10 minutes. how perfect would this night have been, if we had won in the shootout, and if danny scores tonight??? and jesus christ, why are the kids outside making so much fucking noise?? it's like 9 degrees out! and 10pm! GO TO BED!!

one thing to mention, about the earlier part of my day...

I actually slept over at this guy's house last night, who i'm kind of 'dating', as much as I hate to admit it. I like him, (somewhat..) but I made sure to make it VERY clear when we met that I didn't want a relationship, just casual stuff...because I knew he was looking for something serious. I know, I probably shouldn't be getting involved with him then? last night he wanted to have sex (of course, who wouldn't wanna have sex with me??? hahaa) but I wasn't in the mood, and so he spent the night rubbing my back, kissing my shoulders/neck, then eventually started spooning me, with his arm tightly gripping my body while I was sleeping on my side facing away from him. I kept shifting and trying to move away but he did NOT get the hint. even though I spcifically remember having a discussion with him on tuesday in which I mentioned liking my space when I sleep, and even told him about how clint used to pull me/my head into his chest while we slept and I didn't like it! what is it with me and my luck with guys? why can't I just meet a cool guy who doesn't immensely annoy me somehow? they're either big players who are insensitive, or super clingy cuddly guys who can't/won't understand my need for personal space while sleeping. oh ya, and first thing he does when we wake up, is start making out with me..as soon as we wake up! ew, wtf. ok, end bitch session.

JEEEEFFFFFYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Sunday October 22, 2006]
[ mood | ecstatic ]




I'M SO HAPPY I WANNA CRY! CRYYYY!!!!1 you'd think it was the playoffs or something!!! ahahah..


[Tuesday August 15, 2006]
i've deleted a bunch of people from my friend list. you're probably one of them. so please take me off as well. or don't, I dont really care.

im sorry, but either

a) you don't update
b) when you do update I hate reading whatever you've updated

or maybe I like you but I just dont know you and dont want you reading my shit anymore..

meh, whatever, just remove me.

STEVIE Y. [Tuesday July 04, 2006]
so this was supposed to be strictly a stevie Y appreciation post.. in light of his retirement announcement :(:(... but gathering a few pics of him to post I came across this UNBELIEVEABLY HILARIOUS video MC had shown me back in the playoffs... of our dear friends the ottawa sens on this hour has 22 minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziHfRsDlLr4

aaaaand this:
TURKEY POINT, Ontario -- Free agent right wing Ryan VandenBussche was charged with assaulting three police officers during a late-night brawl and was subdued with a Taser gun and pepper spray.

VandenBussche, an unrestricted free agent since his contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins expired Friday, hit one officer near the left eye, smacked another in the left ear and tried to strike a third early Monday, police said. He will be held in a Brantford jail until Thursday.

and even funnier: TURKEY POINT!!!

oh my god, it's too much

ummm.. oh okay back to yzerman. I will probably never respect another player as much as I respect him. With a player like steve, he has SO much heart, is such a strong leader and is unbelieveable classy in a game where I imagine it's very hard- it has nothing to do with what team he's on, you're forced to love him. happy retirement to the

best of the best.Collapse )

oh, I got the job at abercrombie. If I don't find another one REALLY soon, I might actually have to work there :(

just a reminder. [Sunday September 11, 2005]

friends only. [Thursday January 29, 2004]
this journal is locked.


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